International Children’s Festival 2019
Food Vendor Application Form


Application cut-off is Friday, March 15, 2019
(vendors will be notified by March 29 if they are accepted)

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*Important: Your menu (with prices) and email address* will be on the Festival website. The email address is listed so that interested teachers can get in touch and pre-arrange lunches for their classes if they are in need. If you prefer a different email address than the one listed above that you’d like teachers to use, please provide that new email address here:

Please indicate if a menu item is gluten free (gf) and/or dairy free (df). Proposed menu is to be submitted with application

Menu & Price List
Vendor History
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Certified trucks and trailers ONLY. Tents will not be considered.


* Hitch orientation:

* Serving window:


Please indicate if you have a Truck and Trailer location preference:

Payable to “The City of St. Albert”. Please add “ICF” to the memo line of your cheque.

Questions can be directed to:
Rose Bossio, Festival Vendor Coordinator –

General Information

Hours of operation for 2019 vendors:

Vendors have until 9 AM to restock their concession.
Dedicated parking is NOT provided for vendors.

Vendors must be open and prepared for service for ALL hours of operation as listed above; there are no exceptions. 

NSF cheques are subject to a $40.00 processing fee. We are unable to accept payment by credit card.

The International Children’s Festival is a GREEN festival. Recycle bins will be placed throughout the grounds and all vendors may not use styrofoam or tinfoil of any kind on festival grounds.

By “I agree” below, you agree to the following:

  1. Not all applications may be accepted due to limited space on-site and menu duplication. You may be asked to modify your set up and menu to avoid these constraints.
  2. Successful vendors will be assigned a location based on preference when possible. We cannot guarantee returning vendors will receive their same location.
  3. The Festival reserves the right to terminate vendor agreements if we feel the vendor has not fully complied with the rules and regulations of the Festival. In that case, the vendor will not be entitled to any fee reimbursement. Fees will be retained as liquidated damages and not as a penalty.

* I have read and understand the information provided in this application. By signing this application, I accept the terms and conditions that apply to the application and participation in the 2019 Children’s Festival as a concession vendor.

The International Children's Festival relies on the support of Volunteers to present the Festival. We provide meals and snacks for over 800 volunteers at two venues throughout the Festival. There are many ways for Vendors to help support our Volunteers. All contributions are recognized in Volunteer venues.

I am willing to support Children's Festival Volunteers by providing:


days during the Festival

If you check off your willingness to support our volunteers through a donation of food, our Hospitality Coordinator will contact you to confirm details after vendor selection has been completed.

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